Our Story


Sanaz is a Persian name that means Soft, Beautiful Moonlight.

My parents felt it was Poetic and Unique. Like the label.

From the time I was born, my mother infused her sense of style and fashion into me.
Even on a shoestring budget, she’d make sure I was the ‘chiq-est’ kid on the block.
Having moved to the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, as refugees in 1983, times were tough, yet I dearly remember our ‘shopping’ trips to David Jones; I would browse through the racks and show her clothes I wanted and she would set to work and copy them meticulously with the help of her own unique genius and materials from the many suburban fabric stores.

In a pre-fast fashion era I was designing my own clothes before it was cool.

Creative expression

Being the child of first-generation immigrants didn’t come without its challenges and I became a rebellious, free-spirited teenager grappling with her identity. My deep desire to find my own creative expression and explore who I was meant dabbling in darkness and losing myself many times.
In a way it’s a miracle I am here to live and share this story.

Finding my purpose

Part of that miracle arrived at the early age of 19 with the birth of my son Caelum. He gave me a purpose that was larger than myself and that kick-started my career in fashion, allowing me to pick up a thread I’d left trailing behind.
 I worked in retail, retail management, merchandising, buying and wholesale before a desire to be my own creator started to bloom. Out of that seed, in 2008, Sanaz Designs was born.
The first collections consisted of hand-crafted leather belts and accessories and later expanded to garments.
Garments as permission-givers to live fully and passionately. Garments that welcome and hug every part of you.
In a way I am still that girl walking through David Jones designing her own dream wardrobe - only now I get to share it with you.

Sydney markets

My first platform was Sydney’s iconic designer markets; a way to welcome many locals into my life and wardrobe.
Locals that became friends and family.
Friends and family that helped co-write this story.
Friends and family that still wear my first pieces.
Friends and family that eagerly await new designs.
Friends and family that keep me going.
Like any story, this one came with many twists and turns and with the markets being cancelled due to Covid-19, a new platform and way of storytelling emerged.
Step into my wardrobe….
Sanaz x
Our Company Values:
Poetry  ~  Freedom  ~  Creativity  ~  Passion